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Training and associated bodies

Both Jenna and Fay trained under Dana Obleman of Sleep Sense and everyone at Little Dreams has had comprehensive training from The Sleep Charity (UK), who offer sleep services on the NHS in the North West. 

The Little Dreams team have all had child protection training and attended The Lullaby Trust’s online safe sleep seminar.

Both Jenna and Fay are members of the British Sleep Society and Association of Professional Sleep Consultants.

Jenna Wilson

After having two children, Jenna realised she wasn’t in love with being a solicitor anymore. For 12 years she had been qualified, specialising in childcare law, and a member of the children panel. To change track, she trained as a sleep consultant while pregnant with her third child and she launched Little Dreams soon after.

Having worked for many years in the legal profession, Jenna understands how hard it is to focus on important work decisions with a clear head when you’re battling exhaustion. She is known for the depth of her evidence-based knowledge and for her calming character.

Fay Smith

A year after Jenna launched Little Dreams, it seemed like every family in the South West and beyond was coming to her for help. She was soon put in touch with Fay Smith who joined Little Dreams in January 2018, bringing a complementary portfolio of skills to the sleep consultant role. 

A mum of two, Fay is a sleep consultant and has been a qualified social worker specialising in mental health for the last five years. She has seen first hand how essential a good night’s sleep is for healthy physical, mental and emotional development.

Registered with Social Care Wales, Fay is known for her direct and understanding approach.

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