Antenatal package

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Having a newborn is exciting but can be exhausting at the same time! Establishing healthy sleep habits early in your baby’s life, is a huge advantage for babies and parents alike. We can provide you with knowledge about newborn sleep and help you guide your baby towards better sleep habits from a young age, before your baby is born.

Let us tell you exactly what’s included:

  • A detailed, educational plan that we will discuss during our consultation. This will cover what to expect in the newborn stage of sleep and the techniques in this plan will educate you about newborn sleep and teach you how to guide your baby towards healthy sleep habits in the long term.
  • A private, 60 minute consultation where we’ll discuss newborn babies’ sleep needs, sleep cycles, schedules, how to teach your little one the difference between day and night and give you strategies to help your baby develop long term, healthy sleep habits. We will also address how to establish a good schedule of feeding and sleeping, after the early few weeks. This will be via Skype unless we otherwise agreed.
  • You will receive a copy of the educational sleep plan together with a copy of our tips and hints for newborns in those early weeks. If this is your second or subsequent child you will also receive a copy of our new sibling guide which may help with the build up and the early weeks with your new arrival and big sister/brother.
The purpose of the antenatal package is to educate you about newborn sleep, before your baby arrives, and give you the tools to guide your newborn towards healthy sleep habits from a young age. This is not intended to help newborns sleep through the night and many newborns will not be ready to do this until they are older than 12 weeks and have progressed developmentally.

The consultation will usually take place via Skype. Our availability varies, but we can often accommodate a new client within a week or two. The cost for each antenatal package is £95. We are happy to discuss costs for travel to your home if requested. Please contact us for further details. You can pay by bank transfer prior to our meeting.

Sleep and Feeding Package

Everything you need to know about your baby’s sleep and feeding your baby in the first 12 weeks. This package will help you establish good feeding and sleeping habits from the beginning and allow your little one to develop great habits to avoid problems in the future.

It includes a 60-90 minute antenatal package with sleep consultant Jenna or Fay from Little Dreams Consulting, before your baby arrives, to talk about what to expect in the early weeks, what is normal and how to gently guide your little one towards their independent sleep skills.

It also includes a 60-90 minute meeting with lactation consultant Liz Brierley from Mummy Matters, together with 2 follow up calls with her to help you and your little one establish good feeding habits. The meeting will take place either before your baby is born or in the 6 weeks after birth.

The total cost for this package is £145.

Night time support packages


Sometimes parents feel they need an extra bit of help to implement their little one's sleep plan. Fay offers various packages which are available should you require extra support in the early days. The night time packages include everything in our other packages but also involve Fay coming to your house on night one of the plan. She will be on hand to guide you towards establishing a good bedtime routine and will then teach you the approach deemed most appropriate for your child when it comes to putting them to bed and dealing with any subsequent night/early morning wakings on the first night, usually the hardest part. Fay will be there, coaching and supporting you, to put your little one to bed according to your child's sleep plan so you can have the confidence to do it yourself.

The night packages that Fay offers are as follows:


Support during the hour leading up to bed time, as well as during bed time itself. Fay will stay with you, coaching and supporting you, until your little one falls asleep and then sit down with you to go through the sleep plan in more detail so that you feel confident in implementing it. The cost for this is £100 plus the standard package cost for your child's age.

Half night

This will include everything in our standard package and bedtime package but also includes Fay staying with you until midnight to coach and support you through any wakings up to that point. The cost for this is £240 plus the standard package cost for your child's age.

Whole night

This will include everything in our standard package and bedtime package however Fay will stay in your home until 6am, to coach and support you with wakings throughout the night and early morning, working through any issues together and answering any questions or issues as they arrive. The cost for this is £650 plus the standard package cost for your child's age.

Text support

Fay also offers support via text on a per-night basis. This means that Fay will be available to answer any queries/questions/concerns you have during bedtime and the evening. The cost for this addition is £50 from bedtime - 10pm and £75 between bedtime and midnight.

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Jenna was so patient and knowledgeable during our antenatal package. Naturally as expectant parents we were finding things quite daunting, thankfully Jenna was there to give us simple but effective advice and goals. By the time our little one arrived we felt reassured as to what to expect and by the time Jack was 10 weeks old he was sleeping for 8 solid hours! Amazing package which not only helped us manage our expectations but also find an effective routine when it was appropriate for Jack. We also have an idea of what to expect in the coming months and how to guide Jack through his sleep development. Thank you so much!

Sara, Sean and Jack

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