Becoming a baby and child sleep consultant

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We truly believe this is the most amazing job in the world but to be able to do it flexibly and around family commitments is incredible!

It is important to be aware, however, that although it is an incredible job, there are a number of nuances to sleep which are often overlooked and it is an incredibly complex area of the brain…which is constantly being researched! To do the job properly it is vital to have full knowledge of how sleep works, how it can impact children but, also, how to support families and deal with every child (and their sleep) as individual. 

On this basis, to become a legitimate sleep consultant we believe you really need to do some serious training with a reputable sleep consulting company. Although anyone can call themselves a sleep consultant, to do the job properly (and have a thriving business and very happy clients who will sing your praises from the rooftops) we believe you should, have a number of days of intensive training followed by support, shadowing, and supervision from a well trained and experienced supervisor. The training needs to look at all aspects of sleep, sleep science, attachment plus the things which can go wrong or don’t go according to plan (because that is when you really will need the support).

What is really important is to ensure that the training you undertake is evidence based and that the consultants know what they are talking about! There are numerous memberships which can be bought, rather than the consultant having to go through substantial training or accreditation so ensure yours know what they are talking about and really do your research! 

You will also need to give some thought to setting up your own company and the time and costs associated with that. You will need to design your logo, website, GDPR policies, SEO and all the collateral you will use on a daily basis. Be aware that costs of setting up high quality company can be substantial so really do your research before committing to training.

This whole process can seem incredibly daunting so it is really important you do your research and choose the best training opportunity for you. 

Our franchise opportunity may be priced higher than others but that is because, we believe, it is of the highest quality. You are trained personally by the founders in a 1-1 or live online training sessions. You have training, included in your fee from industry leading experts, a lactation consultant, SEO expert, GDPR solicitors and none other than the amazing Professor Michael Gradisar link to news item (if you have not heard of him yet he is worth a google)! We are the only UK sleep course to have training from such a world renowned expert.

Our training initial training takes place over 4 days but the support and mentoring, together with fortnightly further training, goes beyond the first year. Although we have an incredibly supportive group of franchisees who meet monthly, you will have a mentor for the whole time you are in business with us and our support team is always growing! On top of this, we are members of the APSC, the British Sleep Society, British Paediatric Sleep Society and the British Franchise Association so you know you are in good hands with us!

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