For children in a cot

(between 4-30 months)
“Now our twins settle themselves to sleep in their cots. One twin sleeps through and the smaller twin just wakes for 2 feeds overnight… It has been life changing and the best money we ever spent!”
Mummy and Daddy
to 10 month old twins

The early months of your child’s life are precious but it’s hard to cherish the time when you can hardly recognise yourself in a mirror. 

You don’t have to choose between your child and your wellbeing. You don’t have to compromise on your career if your concentration is flagging from lack of sleep. And you can, if you commit to our process, soon find your way back to the person you used to be.

How our sleep consultation works

A gentle but firm alternative to “sleep training”, our evidence-based approach is sensitive to all of your child’s needs and has already changed the lives of countless families.

All of our consultations are tailored to your family. Although we outline the support you can expect to receive from us here, the content of the consultation will entirely depend on your child, their routine and their sleep needs.


A preliminary assessment

allows us to understand your child’s sleep patterns so that we can pinpoint why they are not sleeping well. We won’t just consider their time in the cot but every contributing factor from milk to daylight and from nurseries to the times when they eat and play.


A meticulous and tailor-made sleep plan

will give you our comprehensive and highly specific recommendations for how you can help your child to form new habits.


A private 60-90 minute consultation

to discuss the plan and answer any of your questions you might have. This takes place over video conference. Once home visits become possible again, we will also offer home consults within 10 miles of central Bristol or Abergavenny (there is an additional £25 travel charge for this).


Telephone support

as it is needed for the week following the consultation. Usually lasting around 15 minutes each, these calls give you an opportunity to ask us more questions and for us to address any setbacks you may have faced.


An extra week of unlimited email support

so that we can answer any other questions that come up. We also ask families to complete sleep logs which we analyse daily and use to keep us informed about your child’s changing sleep habits and needs so we can ‘tweak’ the original plan to make it even more bespoke to your child.

At this point, you will most likely have seen a dramatic improvement, just like these parents we have worked with. And you will also be equipped with the knowledge you need to adapt your child’s sleep plan if there are any setbacks in future. 

The cost of our sleep package for children in a cot (aged 30 months and under) is £295.

As an extra special addition to our support package, Venture Photography are offering our clients an exclusive offer of a FREE photoshoot when you book a package with us! Details on how to book will be given to you when you finish working with us – a lovely treat to celebrate all the extra sleep!

Got more questions about our consultation process? Get in touch for a free 15 minute call to learn more about how we can help your family’s situation.

Additional night time support

For children in a cot, we can offer further night time support for the first night of your sleep plan, which is usually the hardest part of the process.

Our sleep consultant Fay can be on hand, coaching and supporting you to put your little one to bed, according to your child’s sleep plan, so you can have the confidence to do it yourself.

In person support may be available outside a 10 mile radius of Abergavenny by request.


Bedtime support

during bedtime and the hour leading up to it. Fay will stay with you, coaching and supporting you, until your little one falls asleep. Then she’ll sit down with you to go through the sleep plan in more detail so you feel confident doing it on your own. The cost for this is £150 (plus the cost for the sleep consultancy).


Half night support

includes everything in our bedtime package but Fay will also stay with you until midnight to coach and support you through any wakings. The cost for this is £240 (in addition to the cost for the sleep consultancy).


Whole night support

includes everything in our bedtime package but Fay will also be on hand in your home until 6am, to coach and support you with wakings throughout the night and early morning. This enables us to work through any issues together and answer your questions the moment they come up. The cost for this is £650 (in addition to the cost for the sleep consultancy).


Text support

is a remote service in which Fay will be available to answer any questions or concerns you have during bedtime and for the hours following. The cost is £50 for bedtime till 10pm availability and £75 for between bedtime and midnight availability (in addition to the cost for the sleep consultancy).

Start on the path to better night’s sleep

To find out whether our sleep consultation is right for you and your child, we offer a 15 minute call so you can ask any questions about our process.