Frequently asked questions about training to be a Little Dreams sleep consultant

Imagine having a professional, but totally flexible career, which works around all your family commitments, which allows you to attend all those nursery/school events but also allows you to go to those last minute assemblies and not stress when your little one needs to stay home ill.
Imagine that this is your own, growing, company which allows you to keep your corporate identity but also allows you to live your life that way you want to! We believe that our job as baby and child sleep consultants truly is one of the best jobs in the world. Not only is it totally flexible around our commitments, we are also changing lives on an almost daily basis!
Sleep deprivation for parents, and children alike, can have far reaching consequence and really impact their health and development. With our evidence based methods and supportive packages we ensure parents are fully supported whilst improving the quality of their children’s sleep, and their lives.

We are often asked how we became sleep consultants and how other people can become a Little Dreams consultant, so we have put together some frequently asked questions so you can see for yourself!

To become a sleep consultant (although anyone can call themselves a sleep consultant, which we think is really worrying) we think you need to do some evidence based training with a reputable sleep consulting company.
You will also need to give some thought to setting up your own company and the time and costs associated with that. You will need to design your logo, website, GDPR policies, SEO and all the collateral you will use on a daily basis. Read more here. As you know we offer a franchise opportunity which gives you all this, and more. Find out more here. 
The training you need to become a sleep consultant, may differ depending upon who you speak to. At Little Dreams, we believe you should, have a number of days of personally delivered intensive training followed by support, shadowing, and supervision from a well trained and experienced sleep consultant supervisor.
This training needs to be evidence based and needs to look at all aspects of sleep, sleep science, attachment, the things which can go wrong but you will also need training on how to set up a business, which we offer intensive support with. Read more here.

Becoming a sleep consultant can vary in cost. Some training providers will offer online courses which are fairly low cost and offer the basics on how to become a sleep consultant. Others, like the Little Dreams training, are far more intensive. The Little Dreams training involves both in person and online training as well as continuous, minimum monthly, support throughout the life of your career as a sleep consultant both in terms of sleep and running your own business. You can read more about how to become a Little Dreams consultant here.

A sleep consultant’s income will vary depending on multiple factors: How many hours you work, what packages you offer, as well as your marketing techniques and rates of referrals. In addition, every area in the country will be different in terms of demographic. At Little Dreams, the average cost of a sleep consultation package is £300, and a full time consultant should be able to see between 14-16 clients per month. We have worked with a specialist mapping company to ensure there is demand, and clients, in each territory and you can read more here.

Franchising is basically the granting of a license by us (as the franchisor) to you (as the franchisee). This entitles you as the franchisee to trade under our trademark/trade name.

The franchisee pays an initial fee to get started and then an ongoing monthly fee and, in return, we provide everything needed to start and run their business successfully, from all the training to all the support and mentoring.

The franchisee gets all the support they need to run the business successfully and use all our systems, brand and  expertise to operate under. For more information check out the British Franchise Association website

Yes absolutely. You will have all the benefits of running your own business, in a way that works around you and your family, but with all the support you need from Little Dreams franchise Head Office and the entire network. Starting a business is often lonely and there are lots of mistakes which can be made at the outset - with a franchise you avoid all of that because there is a supportive network and proven business model already! This means you can be in business for yourself but never by yourself.