We always feel privileged when we work with a family and help them get the sleep they all need, and deserve. We strongly believe in what we do, and the methods we use, and we look forward to helping you and your family achieve the same results that our recent clients have been enjoying. Here are some messages from them (the seminar feedback is on the seminar page):


Following a recommendation from a friend, we contacted Fay about our 9.5 month old boy. We had mastered “putting him down awake” at bedtime, but he still woke up during the night almost every night! We also used a dummy when he woke during the night and for naps. We had tried “crying it out” during the night on two separate occasions but it hadn’t worked and it was a horrible experience for us all, which had left us feeling deflated and unsure of what to do next. We had our initial Skype call with Fay and she was fantastic – direct but understanding, and more importantly very clear. She talked us through a detailed plan for our son but also answered all of the questions we had, not just on sleep but also on food/mealtimes and how to deal with our older child whilst implementing the sleep plan. We made some initial changes straight away but waited until the weekend before implementing the plan fully and to our amazement, our son slept through that night and has done ever since! The dummies have gone too. There was of course a bit of protest at the beginning but it was not nearly as bad as I was fearing. Our son is also now less whingy during the day and we put this down to him being more rested. We are all much happier since we contacted Fay, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her.
Mummy and Daddy to 9.5 month old
We were in a pretty dark place before we came to Jenna for support. We’d had a rough first two years with Sam, who was struggling with reflux and CMPA – and when we started weaning him, things only got worse, because it turned out he could barely tolerate any solid food. Sleep was a distant memory, and whilst we’d been prepared for a ‘tough’ introduction to parenthood, we were in no way ready for the fact that as a baby, he was unable to lie flat, wanted to feed 24/7 and would only sleep for a couple of hours at a time. He’d cried pretty much continually for the first six months, and I don’t think we were able to see through the funk until around his first birthday. Returning to work at a secondary school, I was used to teaching four days a week on between two and four hours of sleep a night – Sam and I had been co-sleeping for over a year (Sam’s gut was worse at night, and he seemed to just want to feed through his discomfort, which was exhausting!). I’m not quite sure how I was functioning: I’d lost so much weight, regularly broke down in tears and was still breastfeeding by the time Sam was two, as his gut was still so sensitive. We started with Jenna at around five months, but had to put the sleep support on hold until Sam’s gut problems had settled – and by the time he was two, I’d not had a night’s sleep, and had become used to just surviving on empty. So when we picked up the phone to her again, I was nervous as I didn’t think I was strong enough to face what I thought was going to be a battle. But it wasn’t a battle. We just needed guidance, and we were able to understand how there were things we were doing that we needed to change. There were protests, but we had to commit to making the change for the better. Each night, it got a little bit better and within a couple of weeks, life had changed. Sam was sleeping, we were sleeping (in the same bed!) – and I look back and wonder how on earth we’d coped for so long. And the best bit was that I didn’t, at any point, leave him to cry – that was something I wouldn’t have been able to manage. Jenna completely understood us and the challenges we’d been facing. She knew when it was the right time to make changes, and stayed in touch with us until we were able to move forwards. She was able to see where we were going wrong and helped us correct things that needed correcting – but without judgement, and so very gently. We absolutely couldn’t have done it without her. Two months after Sam started sleeping through, I was pregnant again. Jenna’s number will be on speed-dial. Thank you, Jenna.
Fiona, Jon and Sam (2 years old)
Our nearly 2 year old daughter had suddenly stopped sleeping well. Me and my husband tried lots of different ways to try and help her sleep through – mainly things recommended by google! However we miserably failed. We lost our evenings together and most nights, she was in our bed! We looked into lots of different sleep consultants, but when I spoke to Jenna, I knew she was the right choice for us. We loved her holistic and detailed approach. When we started the sleep training we were both blown away by her supportive nature. And now, we have a 2 year old that is sleeping at 7pm (in her cot)and sleeps for 12 uninterrupted hours!!!! We are eternally grateful for your help and support. You’ve given us our life back. Thank you.
Divya, Naveen and Anoushka (2 years old)
I couldn’t recommend Little Dreams Consulting enough. We went from my baby waking up 5-6 times every night to sleeping through by the third night of the programme. Fay has been on hand for additional advice as we have moved through the two weeks and beyond. My baby has just started sitting up independently from a crawl and I think it is due to all the extra rest he is getting!
Mummy and Daddy to 7 month old
Before contacting Jenna, we were really struggling to get my son down at bedtime and spent the evening running up and down stairs to settle him. At 4 months, he suddenly started to wake up every hour during the night and was very difficult to settle in his cot. After speaking with Jenna, she created a comprehensive sleep plan for our son which she supported us to implement. It made a huge difference almost straight away and it felt so good having some clear principles to follow. Our son is now only waking for one feed in the night and naps well during the day in his cot. I can’t recommend Jenna highly enough!
Mummy and Daddy to 4.5 month old
Like so many parents, when we first contacted Jenna, we were desperate and exhausted. Our 2 year old who was once a brilliant sleeper now would not go to bed without having one of us stay with her for hours until she fell asleep. Staying in her bed during the night was another challenge altogether. Jenna helped us so much with the practical aspects of improving our little girls sleep, but also gave us the confidence and ability to deal with challenges` to come. She tailored a sleep plan for Inaya and was contactable every step of the way. I cannot recommend her enough and only wish we had contacted her earlier. We can see huge improvements not only in Inaya’s sleep but also in her confidence and independence using all the colourful charts that Jenna made for her. We now have our evenings back and cannot thank her enough! You really have changed our lives.
Amna, Nasir and Inaya (2 years old)
My partner and I enlisted the help of Little Dreams Consulting when our son was six months old. He was waking every 45 minutes throughout the night to breastfeed and got easily overtired during the day but would only nap on the move. I was walking almost 10km a day so that he would nap and as bedtimes and night wakings fell exclusively to me I was exhausted, emotional and finding it difficult to enjoy life. Having heard Jenna on a podcast I called her for an initial chat and felt reassured that they would be able to help. We started working with Fay, and within a few days of implementing the plan Milo was going to sleep in the cot without protest within a few minutes of being put down for both naps and at bedtime and was only waking once or twice a night for a feed. From the start, Fay encouraged my partner and I to share bedtimes and wake-ups so that the burden didn’t always fall to me, which felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Throughout the process Fay was reassuring and quick to respond to any concerns we had, and she was an absolute delight to work with. It felt like a lot of money to spend at the time but it has genuinely made such a difference to our little family, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Little Dreams and have already passed their names on to a couple of other mum friends.
Mummy and Daddy to Milo (6 months old)
Little Dreams Consulting has changed our lives and I’m so grateful we met Jenna! In fact I get quite emotional when I think about how different things are now to what they were sleep wise! Our little one had never really recovered from the 4 month regression (which seemed to have started early for him too!). He was an hourly waker from when he was put to bed all the way through the night and couldn’t sleep without being fed to sleep by myself as well as having a dummy. After nearly three months of this I was beginning to struggle to enjoy the days as I was so tired after never getting any rest overnight and I also wanted to make sure he was also getting the rest he deserved whilst so much was going on developmentally for him. Day Naps were also so unpredictable and never more than 30 mins! Jenna supported us every step of the way. It started with a clear and comprehensive plan and very hands on telephone and email support. The biggest plus for me was that the approach was very logical, supportive and gentle and helped him learn how to fall asleep independently. His sleep changed pretty much straight away and honestly to watch him on the monitor sleep for long stretches and wake up happy and content playing in his cot rather than tired and frustrated that he can’t get back to sleep without some help from me makes me so so happy! And this was done in the middle of a huge developmental milestone for him (rolling) and the dreaded teething so this gives me the confidence for when he starts to crawl and hit other milestones. Thank you again Jenna, the best money I have EVER spent!
Mummy and Daddy to 6 month old
We were really struggling with both day naps and night sleeps: our daughter was waking every hour during the night over a very long period of time. Fay was incredibly supportive and within two weeks completely transformed our daughter’s sleep pattern and, in turn, our lives! The structures Fay put in place and the guidance given on a daily basis empowered us to take back control of the situation and we can’t thank Fay enough.
Mummy and Daddy to 7 month old
Despite our best efforts, we had fallen into all sorts of bad sleep habits with our 4.5 month old daughter – feeding to sleep, rocking to sleep and all daytime naps “on the go”. At its worse, we were waking up every 45 minutes during the night and both she and us were exhausted during the day. Sarah even started to look forward to going back to work for the break! We had ordered countless sleep books from Amazon in the middle of the night out of desperation but struggled to find time to read them and, when we did manage to flick through them, we didn’t really understand how to implement the advice in practice and how to respond when things went wrong. Fay’s overnight package was therefore perfect for us. We had real-time coaching from Fay to deal with the wake-ups and how best to react to our daughter’s behaviour – her insights were great. The overnight package also gave us much confidence going forwards and it was well worth the money. We also felt very comfortable having Fay in our home overnight – no awkwardness at all! We were so impressed with the guidance and support from Fay and the fact that we saw results so quickly, both with our daughter’s night time sleep and her daytime naps. She really thrives on her new routine and, as her sleep has settled, her feeding has become much more consistent – no more frustrating “snacking” and half wasted bottles! As a result, we no longer dread the nights and the daytime is much easier as we can anticipate her needs and there are no longer any overtired tantrums and red-faced parents! Whilst the sleep plan required discipline and commitment, Fay was with us at every step and we are hugely grateful for her help. Thank you so much, Fay!
Sarah and Howard (parents to 8 month old)
When we contacted Little Dreams Charlie’s main issues included not being able to self sooth, and night wakes. He would sleep on me at bedtime so I could make sure he stayed asleep before I transferred him into his cot. Then the night wakes began! We found Jenna very helpful whilst we were working together, we contacted her many times, and always had a very helpful response. We feel we received a very high level of support which was greatly appreciated. Charlie goes up to bed in his cot now, and is not asleep on me, we have our evenings back and everybody is much happier! We had a superb service from Little Dreams and will thoroughly recommend.
Emily, Rich and Charlie (5 months old)
We weren’t sure how successful the programme would be because our child is a bit older and therefore the bad sleep habits were a bit more embedded. I’m delighted to say that after just 3 weeks (having endured some good times and some really tough times) we seem to have cracked it! Our child now settles down to bed at night with no fuss and stays in their own bed all night too. The whole household is now getting proper sleep. Working with Fay has been great and worth every penny! I would highly recommend the Little Dreams team.
Mummy and Daddy to 9 year old
I am sending you this email to say “thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Imogen’s sleep has turned around in less than 2 weeks. We have gone from having a baby reliant on a dummy or food to sleep and waking several times during the evening and night, to one who has no food overnight and is sleeping all night. You have literally changed our lives and Imogen is so happy about it, I just felt compelled to thank you even before 2 weeks are up! I am so glad I contacted you when I did and I have been telling anyone who will listen about you! Thanks again!
Lorna, Luke and Imogen (5 months old)
Ella has been transformed into a new baby! She was feeding almost every hour at one point, and I was walking miles in the rain with her to make her nap in the pram. I was exhausted, which was when we sought help. She now sleeps through the night with no feeding or even wakes, and takes her naps in the cot, and all without ‘crying it out’. When Fay described at the start what we were aiming for I think I actually laughed out of disbelief – but it’s happened and is better than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. This is quite literally the BEST money I’ve ever spent! We have our evenings back, we get to spend time together as a couple again and Ella is a lot happier now she’s getting the sleep she needs – thank you Fay!
Becca, Matt and Ella (7 months old)
During lockdown, our once brilliant 4 year old sleeper gradually stopped sleeping through the night. Not only was bedtime proving very tricky, but she began waking every 2-3 hours at night. I made a desperate call to Jenna after a recommendation, and she immediately put me at ease. She spent time talking to me about Emilia and getting a bit of background before deciding on the best way forward. I was quite apprehensive and anxious when Jenna explained the process. Emilia had slept in her own room since she was 4 months old, so to begin staying with her until she fell asleep at the start of the process felt a little backwards however, we stuck to the routine and plan. 3 weeks later, the progress Emilia made was incredible. Small tweeks here and there, and with Jenna only a phone call/email away, we felt supported and at ease after every conversation. Thank you for all your help, advice and support. I can now go to sleep without dreading the night! Certainly money well spent.
Ana, Darryl and Emilia (4 years old)
An incredible help with our 11 month old who was waking up 4-6 times a night, wouldn’t fall asleep without being fed or rocked (in multiple ways – doing hundreds of laps of the bedroom in the process!), with a dummy and is now able to go to sleep SO much easier and only waking up once a night on average (and we’re not even a month since starting so this is likely to improve even more.) We are ALL a lot happier for it as we are all getting so much more sleep now! The support and knowledge Jenna gave us throughout the process was fantastic – a complete game changer for us – couldn’t recommend more if you’re having difficulty nights and are in need of help!
Sarah and Kev (Mummy and Daddy to 11 month old)
We live in Kenya with our two year daughter ( Harriet ) and our five month old daughter ( Eliza). I contacted Jenna, having listened to her on the Parenthood Podcast; I was beyond exhausted with Eliza waking up 6/7 times a night. Within the first week, after our consultation with Jenna, I had moved back into our room ( which I had wanted to do as I was sleeping in her room) and Eliza was only waking up once if not at all. She is much better at settling herself to sleep and she goes to sleep even if it is still light outside. I did not want to have to go down the route of black out curtains , but to keep it as real as possible to where we live .Jenna gave Seb and I the confidence we needed to follow our instincts and now Eliza is sleeping better the girls can start sharing a room , which is so exciting. Thank you so much, we had such great support and it was a very quick turnaround for us.
Lucy, Seb and Eliza (5 months old)
When we contacted Jenna our baby boy found it incredibly hard to sleep. It could take up to 2 hours of bouncing, feeding, sushing, rocking, anything we could think of, to get him down for the night and he would often spend most of that time crying. Then he would sleep for 2-4 hours in a bedside cot before waking every 1-2 hours for the rest of the night and the only way to get him back to sleep was to breastfeed until he fell asleep again. The ‘routine’ to get him to nap was the same. We were desperate, trying to get him to sleep took up a good portion of everyday, but he wasn’t staying asleep long enough to get the hours he needed (and nor were we!!). I was very anxious about the process, I had read a lot about different sleep techniques and found the advice online came with a lot of judgement that left me feeling incredibly guilty whatever we tried. Jenna was extremely patient and talked me through all of the research and evidence to help me decide what I wanted to do. She was never pushy about encouraging us to use her services and we actually had 3 phone calls to discuss whether it was right for us before we committed to using Little Dreams. The process was not painless for us, the first few nights involved a lot of crying, which I found very difficult, but we were not asked to ignore his cries and one of us was able to stay to comfort him. Even from the first night our baby slept 11.5 hours in his own room with only one wake to feed. He now does that every night and we usually have to wake him in the morning so he doesn’t oversleep! He has 3 naps every day and generally gets himself to sleep in 10-15 minutes with very little fuss. The impact on our family has been huge; we have structure to our day now and our time no longer revolves around sleep. We no longer get a sense of dread and panic in the run up to bedtime, in fact bedtime is now a really lovely experience. Our little boy loves his bedtime books, so we get lots of smiles and cuddles before we put him down in his cot, calm and ready to sleep. The family dynamics have improved all around and we have a much happier household as a result.
Mummy and Daddy to 5 month old
We can’t thank Jenna enough! Our son is coming up to 3 years old and would not even go into his bedroom to play, never mind sleep! He cried every night wanting to sleep in Mummy’s bed so that’s what happened! After following all advice from Jenna, he will now fall asleep on his own in his own room and sleep through to the morning with no wake ups! Our whole dynamic at home has changed for the better
Mummy and Daddy to 2.5 year old
We used to dread nights with our 10 month old twins tag teaming us-up every 1-2 hours overnight and only settling with feeding or sleeping on us. We were exhausted. Jenna gave us comprehensive sleep plans to follow and was always at the end of the phone or email to guide us through it. Now our twins settle themselves to sleep in their cots. One twin sleeps through and the smaller twin just wakes for 2 feeds overnight. They also nap for longer and at the same time during the day so I have time to get my chores done. It has been life changing and the best money we ever spent!
Mummy and Daddy to 10 month old twins
Jenna is a miracle worker! Our 5-year old had the works – not going to sleep for hours, waking up in the middle of the night and waking us up really early. We thought we’d tried everything but Jenna gave us a brilliant plan for us all to work to. What we loved was how she involved our daughter in the process so that she felt she had ownership over what was happening. We heartily recommend Jenna and our only regret is that we didn’t call her years ago!
Mummy and Daddy to 5 year old
At the time of reaching out to Little Dreams we were at our wits end as to why our son (who had previously been a great sleeper) no longer slept very well. We noticed that he never really recovered from the four month sleep regresssion. When we finally decided to seek support, we were getting up to pop his dummy back in up to 8/9 times a night. Both my husband and I were exhausted as just couldn’t get Rupert to sleep any longer than 2 hour stretches sometimes just 45 mins. Just one day into the plan Rupert slept from 7pm – 4:30am, unheard of this household so we knew instantly that we had made the right decision. Fay was so helpful, empathetic and a great listener, even when I felt i was perhaps asking too many silly questions. The plan was easy to follow and whilst for the first couple of days you do need a lot of patience as sometimes these babies throw curveballs at you, you know that your phone call with Little Dreams will answer your question so you’re armed to tackle it when it happens again! We now have a much happier baby as he is getting consolidated sleep both during the day and the night. There are also two much happier, less sleep deprived parents who are now enjoying parenthood even more! If you are considering seeking support, then look no further. I can’t thank them enough!.
Louise, Lloyd and Rupert (6 months old)
My 9 month old was a good napper but I was struggling to get him to drop the night feeds. My husband and I had tried controlled crying previously but after some initial success we had fallen back to old habits. My husband was away for a prolonged period and with my return to work looming I wanted to get the issue sorted and felt that I need some moral support so I contacted Little Dreams. Fay has been wonderful. She is very friendly, but also very professional. I was initially reluctant to try some of her suggestions regarding changing naptimes, but I am so glad I did as she was totally right. Fin now consistently sleeps through the night, and it only took a few nights with much less crying than I had anticipated. Now that he is sleeping better at night he has made a big jump in his development. Don’t put it off! Get the sleep sorted now as it will make such a big difference to your baby and your family.
Rachel & Finley (9 months old)
In truth, the work that you have helped us with has been completely life changing! We have our evenings back and both boys are happier as there is not the disruption and stress that we used to have at bedtime EVERY evening! Bedtimes are so much calmer and everyone is getting the right amount of sleep. I have already recommended you to a family at school as they are having similar sleep issues. I feel really confident that you would be able to help them too. Thank you, Jenna, for your professional, yet very human and empathetic service that you provide.
Lara and Steve (parents to 6 year old)
At eleven months my daughter had to be rocked to sleep and would often be awake between 1-3am or would only sleep in someone’s arms at that time. I had tried sleep-training her at 6 months using a different method to Fay’s, which had worked brilliantly with my first child but simply didn’t help this time round. I was unsure about trying a new method but having Fay’s support online and on the phone gave me the confidence to try again and my daughter responded very quickly. Within a few days we were getting much more sleep and after a week she was going to bed with almost no protest and sleeping for up to 11 hours. We’re still working on naps, but the change has been dramatic. I was already a convert to sleep training but I now realise that different babies respond to different methods and it’s worth trying a new approach if the first one doesn’t work.
Mummy to 11 month old
When we started this process my husband and I were sceptical but desperate. Our son would only go to sleep whilst feeding and would wake as soon as he was put in his cot, often ending in bed with us as the night and the sleep deprivation wore on. I would go to bed with him at 7.30 having to rush our evening meal and having no quality family time. Even then I was only getting a few hours of sleep a night, he would also only nap on me in the day, I was utterly exhausted. Jenna and Fay were encouraging and thorough with their information and support and although we started with a few hiccups they really couldn’t have been more helpful. We honestly felt them going along this journey with us! There is no magic wand waving but sensible, well researched advice and having the back up on the end of the phone or email meant so much. The change we have seen after completing this process is immense, our son now goes to bed at 6.30 (on his own!) and (apart from occasional, quick wakings and feeds) now sleeps until morning. We have got our quality time as a family back, we can eat unrushed meals and even catch up on some telly. I would thoroughly recommend Little Dreams to anyone in a similar situation to us!
Jenny, Tom and Joseph (8 months old)
Before we met Jenna, our daughter would only nap on the go (in the sling) which meant I would spend hours each day walking the streets or pacing around the living room. The days were tough and the nights were worse. At night, I would go to bed with her at 7:30pm and feed her every hour some nights. She was emotional during the day because she was running on adrenaline – so was I. Jenna changed all of that within a few days with her sensible plan and phone calls of support. The plan helped us to teach our daughter to sleep independently in a gentle way – we were by her side every step of the way supporting her to learn this very important skill. The first couple of nights and days were tough but, after that, the improvement was unbelievable. She now sleeps beautifully in her cot both night and day and when she wakes up for a feed at night she goes back to sleep peacefully. As a result, she is a much happier baby and I’m a much happier mummy. Thank you Jenna for all of your support!
Chris, Kirstie and March (4.5 months old)
Little Dreams have really revolutionised everyone’s sleep in our house. When our little one was 13 months old he was waking up multiple times during the night for bottles, being held to sleep and using a dummy for all sleeps. Although it wasn’t an easy task, Fay’s advice and support has resulted in him sleeping through the night more often than not and being able to self settle if he wakes. Previously we would have been up with him for hours! He now goes to sleep by himself, without a dummy and has no milk during the night. Thank you so much Fay 🙂
Claire, Niran and Henry (13 months old)
It wasn’t easy seeking support but I am so glad we did! We were barely sleeping- taking our little one out in the car and pram in the middle of the night to get her to sleep. Jenna has been hugely supportive, always responding to emails and up for a chat whenever. Thank you Jenna!
Mummy and Daddy to 16 month old


When we decided to contact Little Dreams, we were at the point where sleep for our 15 month old daughter was a nightmare! Putting her down could take a long time, she would not self soothe, would only sleep in our bed and was waking multiple times! We were all shattered. Fay was great. We were a little nervous about it working but after meeting and being reassured by Fay, we felt positive about the process. Within nights of following the personalised sleep plan, she was sleeping through the night in her cot and had learnt to self settle. When she does now wake, she is able to take herself back to sleep. The progress is amazing and we now have some time for us in the evenings! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fay. The follow up emails, phone calls really helped us as well knowing that someone was there to answer questions.Thank you!
Rachel and Chris, parents to 15 month old
Working with Fay has been a great help with improving our sons sleep. Theo (aged 8 months) was waking 4-10 times a night, napping poorly and was subsequently tired and grumpy during the day. Within 2 weeks, we are down to 1 night wake for a feed and have consolidated his sleep into 2 good naps a day. We are all happier and healthier as a consequence. The process was smooth, and just felt like making minor tweaks to our routine to optimize things for Theo. Fay was excellent at explaining everything, was available to discuss the progress and troubleshoot any problems as needed. Her email responses were amazingly comprehensive and helpful. I now feel I have a much better understanding of Theo’s sleep needs and how to keep us all getting enough rest going forward!
Liz, Chris and Theo (8 months old)
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Jenna. From the start she made us feel really confident that she could help and having her on hand to answer questions throughout the 2 week plan was invaluable. Our 7 month old was constantly waking at night, sometimes 15-20 times and he’d been doing this since he was about 4 months old. We’d got ourselves in a position where we’d have to rock him to sleep in our arms and then try and lay him down and hope he didn’t stir. We’d then be constantly going back in to his room to put his dummy back in when he woke up. After starting the sleep plan, the difference in just a couple of nights was incredible. We were most nervous about getting rid of his dummy, but he coped so well and we’ve never looked back. Our only regret is that we didn’t speak to Jenna sooner!
Genevive, James and Joel (7 months old)
Working with Fay was fantastic. After spending 18 months with a child who woke between 5-8 times every night and needed feeding or rocking back to sleep, we were exhausted, desperate but also a little sceptical that anyone could change this routine we had got ourselves in. Fay was upfront and honest from the start as to what we could expect, she guided us through the process with ease and was incredibly lovely and helpful throughout. After only a few days we had a child who was sleeping through the night. After a week we had a child who independently put herself to sleep for naps and bedtime with no fuss or distress. She was happier and we were happier and everyone is getting enough sleep. Thank you Fay.
Mummy and Daddy to 18 month old
We’d been waiting for our 5-year old daughter, Nell to start sleeping through the night of her own accord. Having tried and failed to settle her in her own bed over the years we’d just got into the routine of letting her come into our bed in the middle of the night and couldn’t find a way to change it. We called Jenna and she immediately gave us an insight into what might be prohibiting her from settling herself and she presented us with a really achievable sleep plan. Undoubtedly the greatest benefit was having Jenna as a third party to talk to Nell about the benefits of sleeping in her own bed and giving her the motivation to do it. Nell responded really well to Jenna and the consistent communication meant Nell’s motivation was sustained long enough to break the habit. We came up against very few hurdles, which shows that Nell was more than ready to sleep solo – she just needed someone other than her parents to convince her of this! We have all been enjoying uninterrupted sleep for the first time in 5-years…Thank you Jenna – you really are a sleep star
Kate, Michael and Nell (5 years old)
I can’t recommend Fay and Little Dreams enough! I presented with a challenge, a 2 year old who needed cuddling to sleep and always ended up in our bed, a 5 month old who was always fed to sleep and a husband who works away all week! My baby was a dream and cracked it after a week, but my toddler took longer as expected. It was incredibly difficult at first, and we hit a lot of set backs on the way, but Fay was so supportive and never let me give up. I am so glad I kept consistent, as I now have a baby that sleeps from 6 30 til 6 with only 1 wake up for breastfeeding, and a toddler who sleeps from 6 45 to 6 with no wake ups! Even if they do wake up, they are now able to self settle. Best thing I have ever done!
Maddy, mum to Harry 2 years old and Freya 5 months old
A very very big thank you Fay for all your advice and tips over the past 2 weeks!! We can’t believe the difference in Conner’s sleep in such a short space of time. Contacting you really is the best thing I’ve done as you’ve transformed Conner’s sleep and feeding habits and of course that has knocked on with more sleep for us too, win win!!! We now feel equipped to make good decisions about Conner’s sleep and feeding so we will keep implementing your advice as we move forward through weaning and moving Conner to his own room. Your plan and advice sheets are my bible. Thank you so so much once again.
Beth, Riaan and Conner (5 months old)
As a solo parent, being able to be present and engage well with my seven-month-old son is so important. However after the 4-month sleep regression hit Moss was waking between 10-20 times a night and the result was my own utter desperation and exhaustion. Jenna’s support with Moss’ sleeping has literally changed both of our lives. She is patient, knowledgeable, encouraging and reassuring. I was concerned that this form of gentle sleep training may impact Moss’ attachment but Jenna spoke to me about this from an informed background of child development and attachment; if anything getting more sleep has enhanced our relationship as I have more energy, as does he, and we can thoroughly enjoy each other more and have more fun. I never thought I would be the kind of mama who would adhere to a routine, however having a bit of structure to our day and having a comprehensive understanding of awake times and nap times, as well as recommendations on when to breastfeed and give solid foods, makes my life as a solo parent so much more manageable and enjoyable. Moss now sleeps well in the day, he has two naps that vary between 30mins to 2hours 30mins, which gives me time to rest and get things done. He generally goes to bed at 6pm, which has given me back my evenings. Thank you Jenna – as previously stated, your support has changed our lives!
Anna and Moss (7 months old)
Before working with Little Dreams Arthur would not sleep for very long periods of time and could not settle himself for naps. We now have the tools and confidence to allow Arthur to settle himself and we are all less stressed as a result.
Ellie, Adam and Arthur (7 months)
When I contacted Little Dreams Consulting, my partner and I were feeling quite desperate regarding our daughter’s sleep. Megan had always struggled sleeping on her own and when falling asleep would always need us to hold her hand for up to an hour. Now aged 4, I was becoming increasingly worried that she was not learning how to get to sleep on her own as she’d never learnt to self soothe. Although Megan would go to bed in her own bed, she would always come into ours during the night and would need to be physically attached to me to fall back to sleep. Hours in her own bed where lessening to the point that she would come into the living room at 9pm after going to sleep around 7.30, no one was getting enough sleep least of all Megan. Speaking to Jenna on the phone following my initial enquiry convinced me to go ahead with trying to help Meg sleep better. Jenna sent us a detailed questionnaire and came to meet us all after putting together a sleep plan which took into account our answers. We both really liked the way Jenna engaged with Megan during the process and felt this aided Meg’s understanding and determination to learn to sleep better. Jenna kept in touch with Megan through FaceTime and videos, which also spurred her on and she really enjoyed and benefited from these. Jenna provided us both with invaluable support, helping us put in place a system which would work for Megan. The whole process far exceeded my expectations of what Megan could achieved given our previous situation. She now goes to sleep happily without us in the room and is able to stay in her own bed every night until the sun comes up. Megan is so much happier and more confident since going through this process and I believe she feels empowered by her new sleep skills, as well as the benefit of the sleep itself. Everyone feels so much better now, thanks Jenna and Little Dreams Consulting!
Tessa, Justin and Megan (4 years old)
We had reached our limits with our little one’s sleep. He was waking up every hour or so – and refused to nap at all at nursery. None of us were happy as a result. Things only seemed to be getting worse – rather than better. We were recommended Jenna and it has transformed our family life. We no longer dread the evenings but can actually relax before going to bed. Even following the plan for the first night resulted in a better night than we usually had. We really liked the gentle approach. We were nervous the first week was going to be really challenging but it wasn’t – our baby was happier for knowing how to get himself to sleep. Nursery have also now commented on how easy it is to put him down. The support we got from Jenna in the first 2 weeks was also fantastic – she really helped us make adjustments to make the plan work for us. Thank you! We are so much better for this!
Mummy and Daddy to 8 month old
My husband and I were very trepidatious about undertaking sleep ‘training’, feeling that there must surely be an organic way for our son to learn to sleep unaided. In the end, though, because it was so clear that he was unable to self-soothe and this felt like such an important thing for him to learn as a life skill (and because we were all so knackered) we went for it. Fay at Little Dreams was calm, kind, detail focussed and professional throughout – even when I was weeping and questioning her methods! The training wasn’t painless, there were a few nights of tears as our baby got used to his new regime, but by the two week mark, he was putting himself to sleep and sleeping through the night and all our lives have changed! There are still a few tears when I put him down, but they only last for a minute or two and then he is able to quiet himself and drift off. I highly recommend teaching your baby these skills and dong so with the help of Fay, who was flexible, available at all times, compassionate and totally unflappable throughout.
Mummy and Daddy to 2 year old
Thank you Lisa for helping us with Ellen’s sleep! Before working with Lisa, our top two issues were constant use of a dummy and it needing to be replaced in the night 5-15 times, also Ellen only sleeping in bed with me and not being able to self-settle. After seeing Lisa and following the plan Ellen stopped using the dummy instantly and went to sleep in her own room with only a couple of wake ups (one being for a feed as she is only 6 months old). Nap times were trickier and at times it was tough but had constant reassurance so we could stick with it and stay on track with the plan. Some nights and naps are a little tricky but , after only a couple of weeks, for 80% of the time now Ellen sleeps and self-settles easily. Thanks again for your help and getting our sleep, evenings and bed back
Tina, Alex and Ellen (6 months old)
I can’t tell you what a difference this has made to our lives. After 3 weeks we finally have an evening again. As parents we are able to take time for ourselves whether that’s cooking and eating in peace, going for a run, or just watching TV. Something we haven’t been able to do in a very long time. Separating out Zane’s bedtime from his little sister has been really empowering for him, but it also means that they each get some 1-to-1 time and attention every day. I’ve been so proud of Zane’s progress and achievement throughout the process. Not least with his ability to relax and fall asleep by himself, but also with his ability to entertain himself for an hour (from 6-7pm) whilst his sister does her bedtime routine. This is a big achievement for a little boy who has required constant engagement and presence since he was born. Most importantly Zane is getting an average of 10 hours sleep a night, rarely even waking to go to the toilet, which has had a noticeable impact on his health and happiness. We really enjoyed working with Fay. Zane said she is one his favourite people (we’ve dealt with and engaged with a number of professionals since his ADHD diagnosis so this was a big compliment for him). She listened to him and he trusted her.
Claire and Wally (Zane’s parents)
Thank you Fay for coming into my life and helping me stop being scared about going to sleep. Before I knew you I was really scared of falling asleep but now you talked to me and I’m really really confident on the sleep routine. And I now I like falling asleep by myself.
Zane aged 8
Our baby girl had been a good sleeper until the four month sleep regression hit. Initially we thought the regression would only last a couple of weeks and that we would ride it out. Three months later we were still dealing with wake-ups every 45 minutes throughout the night. We were exhausted. We didn’t want to adopt a cry it out approach but felt like we had to do something. Jenna totally understood our outlook and provided a plan that worked practically and emotionally for our baby and for us. Our baby managed an 8 hour uninterrupted block of sleep the very first night and from there things continued to improve. We cannot put into words how much our lives have changed since we first contacted Jenna, and we are so grateful for the positive impact she has had on our family.
Mummy and Daddy to 8 month old
Our little girl doesn’t give tired or hungry cues – meaning some days she was quietly awake for 6 – 8 hrs at 3 months old and continually struggling to put on weight! When she did go to sleep for either a nap or bedtime she would wake after a maximum of 90 mins. She was clearly shattered but was always so happy to see us (day or night) that it confused all 3 of us! After 13 weeks in which my longest sleep was 3.5 hrs we called Little Dreams Consulting… I can’t recommend Fay enough. By showing us how to teach Jemima to sleep not only does Jemima now have 3 regular naps a day, she also sleeps for 10 – 12 hrs a night with only one wake up (to feed) . Best of all Jemima is now hungry when she wakes up, is eating strongly and her weight is stable 😀 My favourite Fay phrase, repeated many times to myself in the first few days of the programme: “It’s not your job to put Jemima to sleep, it’s Jemima’s job to put Jemima to sleep”. Knowing that I could control the environment and offer support but can’t do it for her was an invaluable parenting lesson that I’m sure will be repeated in years to come. Thankyou Fay!
Mummy and Daddy to Jemima (14 weeks old)
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jenna to anyone who needs help getting their little one to sleep. Our 8 month old wasn’t in any routine, wouldn’t nap in his cot and was waking frequently at night. Within 3 days of working with Jenna, he slept through the night and was having 2 good naps in his cot, and best of all falling asleep completely independently. We couldn’t believe it! Jenna took the time to get to know us and her recommendations were tailored to us. She provided excellent support, giving clear advice whenever we needed it along the way. We are now a well rested, much happier little family. We can’t thank her enough!
Mummy and Daddy to Leo (8 months old)
I called Jenna when I’d reached my limit. My six month old was completely reliant on me to get to sleep for naps and bedtime. I was exhausted, emotionally drained and struggling. We had multiple night wakings, short naps with no patterns and endless walking around rocking and singing her to sleep. I felt like I’d researched and tried everything and nothing was working. Now, we couldn’t be further from this. She sleeps in her own cot for naps and at night. She no longer needs me to get to sleep & she’s continually improving as the weeks pass. Without Jenna, I’d never have been able to do it! She was kind, supportive and most importantly, gave me confidence in myself. I’m a first time mum & she’s given me the tools and knowledge to conquer any obstacle I might face when dealing with sleep. My husband was away at the time and when I needed someone to reassure me, she was there. When I cried because I felt like I couldn’t do it, she was there. There aren’t the words to express how grateful I am for her help and guidance. I was probably on the brink of some potential mental health struggles – Jenna saved me. You cannot put a price on that.
Mummy to 6 month old
Before working with Jenna our son would not settle for naps and would wake very early each morning. Now we are getting more sleep, and I am feeling less anxious in particular. It has made our family life calmer, less stressful and much happier. Our son is happier now he’s getting more sleep and is well rested. We don’t dread naptimes anymore and we are getting up a lot less during the night.
Mummy and Daddy to 6 month old
I wish I hadn’t left it nearly 4 years to sort out the terrible sleep we were all getting! Within just a few weeks, things were completely different, I couldn’t believe it. Bedtimes are now easy, Jude goes down without a fuss and stays in bed until morning (no more 5am wakes either). Not only are we all getting way more sleep each night, we have our evenings to ourselves again! I cannot recommend Fay enough. Her calm and clear approach was second to none and the support we received through the whole process was impressive. Thank you so much for everything Fay – honestly changed our lives!
Mummy and Daddy to Jude (3 years old)
We cannot thank Jenna enough for her support. We went for over a year without a full nights sleep and began to survive rather than live. Bodhi now sleeps 12 hours most nights and needs no encouragement or aid to fall asleep. She has helped to change our lives and we feel incredibly lucky to have found her. Her encouragement and reassurance got us through some tough hurdles and she has honestly been like a super hero to us all.
Vicky, Nicky and Bodhi (13 months)
Our son’s sleep had regressed significantly when he was 12 weeks old. He went from sleeping 7-8 hours in a row to waking every hour. This went on for months and left us all completely exhausted. Eventually, when he was 5 months, we got in touch with Little Dreams. We felt like we had tried everything but nothing would work. When we got in touch with Jenna things changed in just a few nights. We will forever be grateful for her endless advice, reassurance and encouragement. We couldn’t have done it without her. Our son is noticeably happier now that he gets some sleep! We are also very well rested and enjoying time as a couple in the evenings!
Catherine, Andrew and James (5 months old)
Jenna quite literally transformed our lives when she came to help with our 6 month old baby. We were all in a very bad place as ‘sleep’ been a issue for about 2 months before Jenna saved us. Our baby was only sleeping for 40 minutes at a time and would then take about an hour to soothe back to sleep only for it to start again 40 minutes later. This cycle was going on all throughout the night until whatever time in the morning I gave up and started our day. We had hoped it was the 4 month regression which he would grow out of, but clearly nearly 2 months on it wasn’t! It had reached a point where I didn’t know what I dreaded more…the endless and exhausting days or the relentless and lonely nights. To top it off, none of my soothing tricks and techniques were working at all anymore. I just didn’t know what to do but I thank my lucky stars that my friend saw the banner for Little Dreams and sent me the info. I had been so apprehensive about using a sleep consultant because I really didn’t want to do anything like ‘Cry It Out’, when I spoke to Jenna on the phone she reassured me that this wasn’t what she would do at all. Jenna arrived and spent 2 hours with us, she had a way of explaining things that made it so clear that there were little things we were doing that actually affected his sleep badly and could be easily tweaked. We were left with clear instructions and a plan to follow. It wasn’t anything rigid or set to a certain time, it actually allowed us to follow our babies own cycle and set a structure around that. The changes were unbelievable and some of the new way of doing things actually blew our minds! We were sure this was madness and wouldn’t work (sorry Jenna!)….but on the first night he slept for TEN HOURS!!! Jenna helped us during the days with naps and let us know what time to out him down for a sleep when he woke at wonky hours etc… 2 months on from that, he is sleeping consistently for 11 to 12 hours! We have had a couple of hospital visits in between and times where we had to wake him to get help etc…having the routine and knowing what to do has been amazing and we have always been able to get his sleep back on track! It is truly incredible! As parents we have so much more confidence in ourselves and in preparing his bedtime routine…we know what he needs and we know how to help him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jenna and we will be coming back to her if at any point as he grows up we need some help again. It is honestly the best money we have ever spent. Thank you Jenna, you have made a world of difference to our lives and have given me back the ability to have fun and go out in the world! I’m not a zombie mum anymore….thank you!
Hannah, Blair and Wilfred (6 months old)
Before working with Jenna our little boy would occasionally sleep for a few hours between feeds but often take a while to settle and then wake hourly, needing me to ‘feed’ him back to sleep. We ummed and ahhed about getting help with Arlo’s sleep for ages but we’re so glad we found you. It’s not an exaggeration to say it’s life changing. We are both (me in particular) so much more rested and have so much more fun with Arlo during the day because we’re not counting down the hours until we can go back to sleep. I will definitely keep breastfeeding longer now – because I was feeding all night, I hated it and I was completely miserable doing it. Now it feels like a wonderful quiet bonding time between the two of us. What surprised me most was the ease at which Arlo started sleeping well, its really like he’s finally getting what he wanted all along and really you’ve just trained us to read him better. It’s been so amazing working with you, you literally cannot put a price on a good nights sleep!!
Georgina, Ash and Arlo (11 months)
Fay helped us with our two year old daughter, Eloise. Eloise kept waking through the night (anywhere from 1-4 times), wanting milk and needing us to sit beside her until she fell asleep. Fay asked us about Eloise’s routine throughout the day (not just her bedtime routine) and prepared a sleep plan unique for us. I was so desperate by the time we contacted Little Dreams as I was 7 months pregnant with our second child and so badly wanted Eloise to sleep through before baby 2’s arrival! I’m not going to lie, the first night was hard, but by night 5 Eloise slept through the night! My husband was sceptical but after a week in, even he couldn’t deny the progress Eloise had made by following Fay’s sleep plan. But you have to be consistent and trust the plan! Fay was on call to answer any questions and was flexible when it came to making any tweaks she felt were needed. She did not pressure us into anything. I highly recommend Little Dreams Consulting if you are needing help with your little one’s sleep. We’re a month in and can put Eloise down now at 6:30pm and she falls asleep happily on her own and stays in bed until 6:30am the next day! All thanks to Fay! 🙂
Gillie, Ivan and Eloise (2 years old)
Jenna was so patient and knowledgeable during our antenatal package. Naturally as expectant parents we were finding things quite daunting, thankfully Jenna was there to give us simple but effective advice and goals. By the time our little one arrived we felt reassured as to what to expect and by the time Jack was 10 weeks old he was sleeping for 8 solid hours! Amazing package which not only helped us manage our expectations but also find an effective routine when it was appropriate for Jack. We also have an idea of what to expect in the coming months and how to guide Jack through his sleep development. Thank you so much!
Sara, Sean and Jack (antenatal package)
Before we started working with Fay, our son constantly woke during the night, and wouldn’t go to sleep without one of us lying down with him. He also relied on using a bottle or dummy in order to fall asleep, but ultimately ended up in our bed every night regardless. Since working with Fay our son is so happy and the tantrums he was having due to being over tired have reduced dramatically. The biggest success off the back of this is his eating! He is eating more; he is enjoying food and because of this his constipation has reduced dramatically.
Alice, Gareth and Taber (5 years old)
We had quite a few sleep problems with our one year old. The biggest concern was that he would only sleep in his cot if he had been fed to sleep, meaning that only I could ever do the bedtime routine. That plus frequent night wake ups and early morning starts were exhausting for us all. From the first conversation I had with Fay, I knew she could help us and that things would get better. Fay laid out a clear and comprehensive plan that both me and my partner could sign off on. It can be daunting trying something new with sleep but with Fay’s support we made significant improvement quickly, even with naps which we thought would be impossible to crack. We both now have the skills and confidence to deal with our boy’s sleep and we now all have better sleep! Amazing work Fay, thanks for everything.
Carly and Adam, parents to 13 month old
Before working with Fay, our 3 year old was taking hours to settle at night, often not settling without me laying down next to her. She would then have frequent night wakings, resulting in her eventually sleeping in our bed or me sleeping in hers. Her sleep had been poor from the start, a combination of being breast fed and some co-sleeping along the way, which led to significant sleep props (namely me) which she couldn’t do without at night. I had read many sleep books and tried various methods to get her to sleep but consistency often waned towards the end of a 2 week period. My husband was very reluctant to try any method of getting her to sleep as he was concerned about her crying unnecessarily. Fay came to see us and instantly reassured us that Isabel wouldn’t be left crying for hours and set out an easy to follow plan. The level of support throughout was fantastic and really empowered me to remain consistent with the routine. The log was so beneficial as it enabled Fay identify a key area that was preventing Isabel getting to bed easily and then remain in bed. Once we stuck to her 12 hour awake period, bedtimes were much improved and after 3 weeks she was able to settle independently, following a lovely bedtime routine involving quiet time, bath and stories. Isabel continues to get to sleep independently and sleeps through the night having 11-12 hours sleep, which is unbelievable. We are all feeling the benefits of sleep! Thank you Fay!
Andrea and Steve parents to Isabel (3 years old)
Before meeting with Jenna at Little Dreams our daughter would only sleep for one sleep cycle and would only nap on me. Since working with Little Dreams things have improved immeasurably. My husband and I are now back sleeping in the same room which psychologically has made us feel a lot closer again and feel like a ‘team’ again, and we now have our evenings back so we’re actually finding time to spend together rather than just being passing (tired) ships! We can now go out in the evening feeling confident that our daughter will stay asleep. I am not so tired so have more patience with my other two daughters. Thank you
Mummy and Daddy to 6 month old
After 7 months of what felt like no sleep, endless wake ups (often every 1-2 hours at night), endless night feeds, short and unreliable naps and stressful bedtimes we called on Jenna to help us. It has honestly changed our lives. Our baby has gone from having 40 minute naps where I breastfed him to sleep, to getting himself to sleep with no fuss for two 1.5 hour naps every day! No longer do I breastfeed him to sleep at bedtime either. He now has a feed with me, I pass him to my husband to read him a story, he goes down awake and gets himself off to sleep. He now sleeps 11-12 hours a night usually just waking up for one feed half way through. In just two weeks Jenna has changed everything for us. She was there everyday offering support and guidance and we couldn’t have done it without her.
Mummy and Daddy to 7 month old
Before working with Jenna, Finley regularly woke 3-4 times a night and was often really hungry by 5am. Fast forward to now and he goes to sleep without even a murmur every night between 6.30/7 and sleeps through until 6 or 7 which is AMAZING. He now eats like a horse because of stopping the overnight milk which is great as I really struggled with how little he used to eat. Best of all he’s been off Ranitidine for a week now which we’re so pleased with! I’m sure this is linked with him eating more food and drinking less milk. Your help with his sleep really has changed our life and I just wanted to thank you again
Sophie, Ben and Finley (19 months old)
We just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts – we look back at the weeks and months prior to you helping us and can’t quite believe how bad Albie’s sleeping was and we question how we were all surviving! We really thought Albie was an outlier and never imagined he would be as a good a sleeper as he is now. Thanks for persevering with us through all the teething and illness, as well as providing reassurance when we had doubts and anxieties. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you and we will definitely come to you again if we have any future regressions (but fingers crossed that we don’t!). It really was lovely working with you Jenna
Carley, Chris and Albie (7 months)
Our first born wasn’t a great sleeper and I always thought this was down to luck. I thought there were ‘good sleepers’ and ‘bad sleepers’ until we worked with Fay who literally changed our lives (2.5 years of sleep deprivation) by showing us how to support our child to sleep through the night with a holistic, multifaceted approach. We were more nervous about the sleep deprivation we might face when baby 2 arrived than anything else. The antenatal package gave us great advice, a solid framework and the confidence to help us guide our baby (and us) towards good sleep habits and gentle sleep skill development. It’s week 4 and we’re on 11pm, 2am and 6am feeds completely organically. This is more sleep than we could ever have hoped for and I’m convinced it’s because of the confidence we have in our new found knowledge. Thank you Fay. We’ll keep you posted as we move into week 6 and attempting the ‘feeling brave goals’
The de Renesses’ (Parents to 2 ½ year old and newborn)
Before working with Little Dreams our daughter could only fall asleep in our arms and woke hourly during the night. Jenna were so supportive throughout the process, and willing to be flexible. We especially found the Google Logs really useful, we were able to ask any questions and the little positive comments Jenna left for us gave us the reassurance that we were on the right track. Since working with Jenna, we are so much happier as a family. Sleep deprivation affects everything, and before we started working with her things were really tough. We are now all much more rested and have so much more energy. It is lovely to be able to spend time together in the evenings (we had gone through phases where we had to eat separately as one of us had to stay with our daughter). She also seems much happier and calmer, presumably because she is now getting enough sleep at appropriate times. Four weeks on both sets of our daughter’s Grandparents looked after her for a week when I was back at work, and they specifically commented how easy she was to put down for naps! Thank you once again; our lives are totally changed since we began working with you. In fact, we even managed to go out on our first “date night” the other week and leave our daughter with babysitters – she didn’t even make a sound when we were out!
Mummy and Daddy to 8 month old
Sleeping is a gift you can give and teach to your child. My little one was 7 weeks when we started over Skype as we live in Tunisia. Our little one wouldn’t sleep during the day unless fed him or on my chest. If I lay him down he would wake up after 10-15 mins. Thanks Fay for your support and help. Already we can see big differences. Thanks for always being there to support us. A month passed so quickly with success. It’s not a month yet since we finished the consultation and it’s already getting easier and easier to put the little one to sleep. Naps times are predictable. I can plan my day around it. I can take a nap too 😊 Definitely worth the money.
Mummy and Daddy to Jona (12 weeks old)
We asked for Jenna’s help after our little girl’s sleep took a turn for the worse when she was around 12 months and by 21 months we decided that it definitely wasn’t just a phase! She had multiple wakes during the night and needed one of us there for comfort and to settle her which resulted in one of us sleeping on the floor in her bedroom every night and were co-sleeping by the end of the night. Jenna provided us with the confidence as to how to make the changes to get things back on track. We should have done it months ago. I was surprised how quickly the improvements came. We have had a couple of blips along the way but she is settling really quickly now and has been sleeping through the night (which is amazing!). She has also learnt to nap in her cot which is a revelation! We have less anxiety about what time the first wake will be, how long it would take to settle her and then how many more wakes there would be in the night. It really has made a difference to our lives!
Mummy and Daddy to 22 month old
Jenna was so encouraging and reassuring right from the start of our time with her. When we contacted her our twins woke multiple times overnight and did not nap well during the day, needing help to nap by feeding and rocking. With twins to consider, she made a plan that suited each baby but kept them in sync to allow us some free time as well. The schedule worked! Teaching children to sleep is constant as babies learn and grow but we feel that we have some control and much happier, healthier babies due to them having 2 naps a day and sleeping through the night. We are also sleeping more which helps remove that day to day fuzzy head feeling! All 4 of us are in a much better place and can’t thank Jenna enough.
Rebecca and Martin, Owen and Scott (7 month old twins)
Fay has been so helpful, consistent and clear throughout. We were skeptical at first given the preceding six months of sleeping difficulties and we were worried nothing would work. Within one night he had exceeded our expectations. Sleeping in his own bed and self-soothing without being fed back to sleep. The following weeks have seen consistent improvements. Since sleep has improved he has come on leaps and bounds, days are a pleasure and nights not a daunting prospect anymore. We really appreciate Fay’s support which was fantastic, thank you so much.
Mummy and Daddy to 6 month old
When Alex was about 4 weeks old, he started showing signs of colic (crying for hours, refusing to sleep, generally miserable) which got worse and ended when he was about 12 weeks. Unfortunately, during this time we were so frazzled we would do absolutely anything to get him to sleep and keep him quiet so as not to wake our eldest child. He learned some very bad habits and consequently would only go to sleep being fed or rocked. When the colic finally seemed to pass, we were left with a baby who was incapable of settling himself and so would wake every 30-60 minutes. Jenna was recommended to us and I cannot stress enough how life changing it has been. The night before we started the sleep plan (when Alex was 4.5 months old) he woke up 14 times, after just one day of the plan he woke up 4 times, and now at 5 months wakes 2 times a night. Additionally, before we started, I had no idea how best to manage Alex’s naps so I just let him sleep when and where I could. Jenna’s insight and support was absolutely invaluable, and gave me confidence in my decisions where previously I always second guessed if I was doing the right thing. I highly recommend Little Dreams Consulting, they have been fantastic and I feel like I finally have my life back.
Mummy and Daddy to Alex (8 months old)
Our 12 week old daughter was gorgeous in all ways but sleep. I was wearing her in a sling to get her to nap, she was overtired and I was exhausted. I had spent so much time googling that I felt completely lost and confused. Contacting Little Dreams was a complete turning point. Within a week both she and I were feeling much more rested and I finally had a bit of time to myself while she napped (without me carrying her!) Two weeks later and she was sleeping through the night. Jenna helped us to find structure, gave us a huge amount of support and now I feel confident of my daughters sleep needs going forward. Thank you Jenna!
Mummy and Daddy to 12 week old
When we came to Fay we were so exasperated with our daughter’s poor sleep that I’d just taken her to the doctors to see if something might be physically wrong with her like an allergy. There wasn’t – she was simply overtired and couldn’t sleep properly which resulted in a lot of crying. Fay’s advice was clear, concise and – most importantly – hugely effective. She gave us confidence from the start that she could help and the sleep plan was sensible and straightforward to follow. It was hard at times but Fay listened well and continued to provide us with support and great advice. In less than a fortnight, our daughter went from waking every hour to sleeping through the night! We are very grateful to Fay for everyone in the house now being much more well rested
Mummy and Daddy to 8 month old
We cannot recommend Fay highly enough. We have been working with Fay since our son was 6 weeks old, and the difference it has made is amazing. He is a much happier baby, and we are much happier parents! Since he was about 4 months old, we managed to get him napping in his cot, by himself, and sleeping through the night most nights. We cannot thank Fay enough. To have structure to our day, and know our child’s sleep needs is such a great tool. Fay always explained everything clearly, and has offered support throughout the whole process. I would still be sleep deprived and wearing my son in a sling for naps if it wasn’t for Fay. THANK YOU!!!
Mummy and Daddy to 6 week old
Fay has brought sleep and happiness to our home. She gave us great advice and help from the first day. We are less than two weeks in and my Son has just slept through for the first time. He seems happier chap for it as is his long suffering mummy. My 6 year old has really enjoyed the evening routine we’ve introduced too. Thank you again Fay for all your amazing help
Mummy and daddy to 8 month old


I would recommend Jenna to anyone, we first contacted Jenna as our almost 3 year old literally went to sleep for 2-3 hours and then was up every 45mins/1hr throughout the night and this had been going on for the last 12 months. He needed one of us there to settle him at all times and this had resulted in one of us sleeping on the floor in his bedroom as it was the only way we could get some sleep. With Jenna’s help and support we have seen such an improvement and cant quite believe we now have a child who goes to bed on his own and can sleep all night in his own bed. Thank you so much Jenna for giving us all some much needed rest.
Emma, Si and Jackson (3 years old)
We are all so grateful for the incredible changes you have helped us to make. When we went in to this process I was really optimistic but I think everyone around me (my husband in particular) was worried that I’d be disappointed when things didn’t improve quickly enough. I also think lots of people were sceptical that you’d be able to ‘fix’ such a difficult baby. We are obviously so happy with how much improvement we’ve seen and now feel we can look forward to Christmas (I had been dreading it). Thanks so very much Jenna.
Mummy and Daddy to 5 month old
As a single parent, trying to get Tommy to stay in his bed, as well as dealing with my daughter, was a challenge. After meeting with Fay from Little Dreams Consulting I felt very hopeful and reassured. She explained everything so that I understood why Tommy wasn’t sleeping. The sleep plan was excellent, I was really impressed with it, it included so much. Tommy was tricky and I think we both knew he was going to be a challenge, and without Fay’s help I really don’t think I could have done it. Having Fay there to support me helped so much and gave me the reassurance I needed. I’m so glad I stuck with it, what a difference, I can’t thank you enough!
Kelly and Tommy, aged 2 ¼ years
We were always skeptical that anything or anyone would get our son to sleep as we just thought it was just the way he was. He refused to go to bed, let alone sleep! After our first meeting, with Fay from Little Dreams, talking through things and having sleep and it’s processes explained properly, we felt more encouraged. There were improvements from day one and a notable change in mood. The changes to his routine went down really well and within 3 weeks of meeting with Fay he was saying “night night mummy” and sleeping through the night. We can’t recommend Little Dreams enough, bye bye sleep deprivation! What a game changer!
Nicola Adam and Ethan (2 ½ years old)
We struggled with disturbed nights until our little boy was nearly 4. Not long after that, our little girl arrived. She was a relatively good sleeper, but around 11 months, after a run of chickenpox, colds, teething, etc, she started waking regularly in the night and the dreaded sleep deprivation soon set in again. After meeting Jenna she put together a plan for us to follow. Within a few days it was as if someone (or Jenna) had waved a magic wand and our little girl’s sleep was back on track. Jenna was so approachable and reassuring and on hand to guide us through each step. You really can’t underestimate the affects of long term sleep deprivation and we would highly recommend Jenna and Little Dreams Consulting to any sleep deprived parent!
Mummy and Daddy to 11 month old
We cannot recommend Jenna highly enough – to any parents at the end of their tether or, if you have any rational decision-making capabilities left, well before that! Our son is happy and settled. He has gone from random naps and wakeful nights to regular daytime naps and 12-hour nights. He’s eating better. There were big changes within a couple of days and life-changing ones within two weeks. Jenna worked with us on a thoughtful and caring plan tailored to how we feel as a family. Jenna – thank you!
Tamsin, Gregor and Hugo (19 months old)
Working with you has been wonderful for our family life. I love our routine – Benjamin is well rested, as are we! We really valued that your plan fitted with what we felt comfortable with so we have been able to remain consistent. Giving Benjamin all the comfort and care he needs but not helping him get off to sleep. We have already recommended you to friends. Thank you so much!
Fiona, Tom and Benjamin (6 months old)
We cannot thank Jenna enough for all the help and support she gave us. We were desperate as I had to return to work and our 10 month-old baby was still sleeping with us, breastfeeding every hour at night and none of us was getting any quality sleep. Jenna developed a plan for us and we could not believe it, but it worked straight away and Alba slept through the night for the first time ever, from the very first day we started Jenna’s plan!! Now the three of us feel a lot better and it was totally worth it! The plan was very easy to follow and it helped Alba to learn to soothe herself but always with our support.
Stuart, Raquel and Alba (10 months old)
Jenna is extremely supportive, friendly and knowledgeable. She has helped our little boy, who was previously waking multiple times in the night and wouldn’t nap unless he was in his sling, to sleep in his cot for daytime naps and settle during the night. Jenna clearly has a passion for helping families in need of more sleep as she even phoned us on a Saturday morning just before her holiday to give us further advice and to make sure we were happy going forward with our plan! Thank you so much for all your help, it’s made a huge difference to our family.
Emma, Andy and Harry (5 months old)
Jenna has helped us get a good night sleep for the first time in 2 years! Our 2 1/2 year old was up multiple times and always ended up in bed with us. In under 3 weeks he now sleeps through 99% of the time, in his own bed, with little fuss if he does wake up. This has also helped our elder son (4 years). Great service, great support and well worth the money. Thanks a lot Jenna.
Mummy and Daddy to 2.5 year old
Thank you very much for everything that you have done for us as a family. I will admit that I was sceptical at first but I cannot believe the difference that it has made in such a short period of time! Even Lucas is very proud of himself and has settled so well into his new routine. There have even been occasions where he has asked to go to bed; previously bedtime was difficult and lengthy but it is now a lot calmer and he continues to sleep in his own bed all night! We have already recommended you to friends. Once again, thank you, you have changed our lives!
Jenny, Chris and Lucas (3 years old)
Thanks for all your help. Before we met you our almost 2 year old was up in the night, sometimes for hours at a time. Since working with you, not only has our son’s sleep improved but so has our eldest daughter’s, and with only a few small and simple changes. Long may it continue.
Mum and dad to 23 month old
I cannot recommend Jenna highly enough. Our 7 year old was terrible at getting to sleep without us laying with him until he was asleep. Every night was a battle and he would often still be awake at 1030 and then wake in the early hours and want to come into our bed. This was having a huge effect on his health (and ours), his behaviour deteriorated and family life was becoming increasingly difficult. We implemented Jenna’s plan within days of the consultation and our son has followed the plan from day 1! He has now been sleeping through for over a month and he is often asleep by 830 each night and he is settling himself. The impact on our family was immediate and even our son has said he feels a lot happier. Jenna’s support has been invaluable and everybody is happier and healthier as a result. I would not hesitate to recommend Jenna, our only regret, why we waited so long!
Emma, Al and Jack (7 years old)
“Having always been a really bad sleeper myself, I knew I wanted to give our 6 month old daughter Phoebe the gift of good sleep skills from an early age. The urgency was increased by ongoing hourly wakes. Jenna was absolutely incredible. She helped us take that important next step with full confidence – for the health and well being of our whole family. Her amazing knowledge, professionalism, responsiveness and reassurance are exactly what we needed during this potentially very stressful period. Immediately, our daughter Phoebe went from waking hourly to just once a night. We have weathered multiple viruses since, but the great sleep habits that Phoebe learned have meant the nights were barely disrupted at all, meaning we could all recover far more quickly. She is such an incredibly happy baby as a result – so chatty and smiley and full of beans. There were definitely some tricky patches along the way, but Jenna was always there with reassuring words of wisdom. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”
Becky, Dan and Phoebe (6 months old)
We asked for Jenna’s help for our 10 month old and she has worked absolute wonders. Grace now sleeps through and naps in her cot in the daytime. Jenna is a lovely person, a fantastic resource and a great support. We would highly recommend her to anyone needing help with their child’s sleep. If anything, we only wish we’d done it sooner! Thank you Jenna.
Amy, Graham and Grace (10 months old)
Austin, our third baby, was still waking several times in the night as he reached his first birthday but it was when he started becoming really difficult to settle at bedtime as well that I knew I needed professional help. We’d got ourselves into a bit of a rut allowing him to fall asleep on me at bedtime and then throughout the night (in order to minimise the noise disturbance for our two elder daughters) feeding to sleep at every waking and getting him into bed with me for the remainder of the night. After attending Jenna’s sleep seminar and feeling completely exhausted I knew something had to change and I enlisted her help. Jenna was super friendly, encouraging, supportive and always at the end of the phone when I needed her. We put all of her recommended changes into practice immediately and on the third night he slept through for the first time ever. He also went back to settling very easily at bedtime and over a month later is still an excellent sleeper with on a rare wake up here and there. He’s happy in the daytime and clocking up some good daytime naps too! It felt strange at first admitting that we needed help because we’d already had two children but it was a brilliant decision for my husband and I. Having three children is wonderful, especially when we’re getting a good night’s sleep in order to enjoy them all the more! Thank you Jenna!
Kirsty, Tim and Austin (11 months old)
We called on Jenna’s help after over 6 months of nightly wakings. We had a 3yr old who wouldn’t go to sleep on his own, and would then be up in the night for up to 3hrs. We were at our wits end and couldn’t work out how to change this around! Jenna came in with such a positive but realistic attitude. It was a total dream, so much more gentle than I was expecting. We had hardly any tears at bedtime, the routine was followed to the word and within 9 days he started sleeping through. We have had a couple of wobbles (as we were told to expect) but with the support from Jenna we have negotiated them easily. He has slept through consistently from 3 weeks. I really didn’t expect it to go so smoothly! The support from Jenna was amazing, our 3yr old loved the positive videos she sent and I really think it made a huge difference. Couldn’t recommend Jenna highly enough!
Rebecca, Ben and Kit (3 years old)
I would highly recommend Fay, thanks to her our 9 month old boy is now sleeping through the night and having reliable regular naps. He is much happier and we are able to enjoy parenthood much more having had a full night’s sleep. Fay was calm, clear and very supportive throughout the process. We are delighted to have found her.
Mummy and Daddy to 9 month old
Jenna truly has changed our lives! Our little girl (8 months) was waking every hour all night, every night and would only fall back to sleep if I fed her. She always ended up in our bed as I was too exhausted to get up any more. Day time naps were also terrible and she’d manage 20 minutes in the pram/car/bouncy chair. Jenna’s kind and gentle approach combined with her professional experience and amazing knowledge turned our lives around in less than a week! Now 4 weeks later our little star sleeps well in her own bed all night, takes two naps a day in her cot and is generally a cheerful and playful baby who makes great company. Thank you so much Jenna!
Mummy and Daddy to 8 month old
We contacted Jenna just before our little boy’s first birthday. We had got stuck in a routine of feeding him to sleep and he was waking 6-10 times a night. Within three nights of implementing Jenna’s plan, our boy was sleeping through the night. As predicted, his appetite for solids improved substantially and his daytime milk feeds were better (less frequent but longer) straight away. We have been really pleased with our experience with little dreams and would highly recommend Jenna. Her approach is thorough, professional and tailored to suit the individual needs of your child. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with Jenna if your family needs to improve your sleep situation.
Mummy and Daddy to 12 month old
Aimee’s sleep has been consistently good and we are delighted with her progress. Thank you so much for all your support – it has made such a difference and we still can’t believe it. Everything feels better and more under control – work, home life, our relationship. I just feels like this is the way it is supposed to be and we are all so much happier as a family. Thanks again Jenna, you really helped us to achieve what we didn’t think was possible.
Louise, Andy and Aimee (2 years old)
We reached out to Jenna at a point of desperation; our 2 year old daughter Sophie was difficult to put to bed, and when finally asleep, she was waking and coming into our bedroom some 5-6 times a night. Frankly, we were all exhausted!! Jenna was great, fitting in around our work and Sophie’s bedtimes for her house visit and her phone calls. The support emails were always friendly and helpful. The plan that Jenna put together was clear and easy to follow and we never felt rushed to work our way through it, especially when some nasty bug and teething problems put things off track for Sophie. The results have been been so beneficial to all of us; Sophie has clearly taken another step in her development and is a much happier girl as a result of good sleep habits, and we’re finally getting some sleep too!!
Mummy and Daddy to Sophie (2 years old)
Thanks so much Jenna! Our lives have completely changed in the last couple of weeks, we feel like different people so we cannot thank you enough! I’ve been telling all my mummy friend’s how amazing it is too!
Mummy and Daddy to 6 month old
I’m so very glad we met you and were fortunate enough to be able to work with you. It has been life transforming! I have passed on your details to our friends and will continue to recommend you.
Mummy and Daddy to 7 month old
Jenna has been an invaluable source of advice and reassurance for us throughout our baby’s newborn phase and beyond. She reassured us that what we were experiencing was normal and helped us to guide our son towards developing great sleep skills even at such a young age. When things didn’t seem to make sense to me, Jenna always reassured me with the facts and guidelines for sleep duration day and night at different ages. It is fantastic to work with someone who shares our beliefs, I would thoroughly recommend seeking Jenna’s advice for your child’s sleep.
Mummy and Daddy to 2 month old
Before working with Jenna Finlay was only sleeping for maximum of two hour chunks before waking up and didn’t sleep independently in the day. On the first night he slept from 6 – 6 with only 3 wake ups! Jenna is so supportive and was always available to reassure and guide us through the plan. Finn is blossoming now he gets all this sleep!
Kate, Michael and Finlay (4 months old)
Before finding Jenna our 4.5 month old baby Evie would only ever sleep during the day in the sling and we felt unable to put her down awake at night. In no time at all, after working with Jenna, Evie was having all her naps in the cot and was able to self-settle with no intervention from us at all. If you had told us this would happen in less than 2 days I would never have believed it! Evie seems so much calmer and happier now that she is getting better quality sleep, and as parents we also have so much more time to ourselves. Jenna’s support was invaluable and I could not recommend Little Dreams enough. Thanks again for all your help these last few weeks, it really has transformed our lives!
Katie, Matt and Evie (4 months old)
We had come to think that our son was just a ‘bad sleeper’ and we had got used to periods of OK sleep leading to periods of terrible sleep for all of us. We found ourselves trying different methods, unable to stick to any of them for any length of time. Jenna listened to our concerns and helped us to turn everything around, very quickly. She gave helpful and clear advice and was supportive when we felt wobbly. Our son Milo now sleeps through and has done for months. We have noticed an improvement in his development and all of us are so much happier now that we all sleep. We just wish that we had called Jenna sooner- it is literally life changing!
Hayley, Clive and Milo (2 years old)
Our little 6 month old boy was waking every 1-2 hours overnight and needed to be fed back to sleep. Since working with you for two weeks our son’s sleep has improved dramatically. We even went away and I can honestly say this week would not have been so good if it wasn’t for your help. Mac is sleeping through the night giving me and Bryan our evenings so we still get a bit of a holiday! We are so much more conscious of what he needs and when and having his feeding and sleeping routine established has just made things so much easier. Most of all we are enjoying ourselves and not getting stressed out or being overly tired!! Can’t thank you enough! We will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again for all your help and support.
Lindsey, Bryan and Mac (6 months old)
Our three year old daughter, Eva, has never been a good sleeper. We could easily settle her back to sleep but we were up 2-3 times a night. At 2.5 years old it got progressively worse, we were up 5+ times a night with her screaming for hours. We felt like we had tried everything, but we were at our wits end! I honestly thought that we would have to accept that she was a terrible sleeper. I emailed Jenna in desperation. We had no idea what to do with Eva, we felt as though we had tried everything. Jenna was very quick to reply to my initial email and then to call me to talk about our situation. She was very informative, understanding, non judgmental, and reassuring. We immediately implemented the plan that Jenna created for us. Within a few days we could see huge changes and within three weeks we were ALL beginning to sleep all night again!!! Throughout the process Jenna was incredibly supportive. We spoke both on the phone and via email for a few weeks. She was quick to tweak our plan if she thought it wasn’t quite right but equally just reassuring if she felt as though it would just take a few more days. Eva is so proud of herself and we are so proud of her. She’s a much happier little girl who suddenly doesn’t mind going to bed, and if she does wake in the night she very quickly settles herself back to sleep. Our only regret is that we didn’t call Jenna sooner!!!!! Thank you for helping us ALL get more sleep Jenna!!
Heather, Ben and Eva (2.5 years old)
This time last month (February 2018) I was getting ill through sleep deprivation with a 6.5 month old sleeping in 20 minute bursts. Last night my husband and I went out for the evening, spending quality time together, safe in the knowledge that our little one was asleep at home with Nana. With Jenna’s guidance, and the knowledge and structure Jenna has empowered us with, we’re now feeling a new lease of life – with our little one settling well each evening, sleeping through the night and getting into the swing of daytime naps. Even a fever hasn’t knocked her off being able to self-settle. Thank you Jenna
Hannah, Chris and Ellie (6 months old)


I got in touch with Jenna as Billy, our nearly 3 year old, had never been a great sleeper and we had all got into bad habits leading to us having to sit with him (sometimes for ages) at bedtime, him coming into our bed in the night then waking us all up far too early in the morning. I had thought about contacting a sleep consultant at points but kept telling myself Billy would get there, I was also worried about paying lots of money for advice when I felt we had tried ‘everything’. Jenna was very encouraging when we first spoke, I liked her and her approach, and we decided to ask her to help us. From the start Jenna was extremely thorough with getting information from us about Billy which gave me confidence that the plan would be personal rather than generic. We also looked at the daily routine in general and learned more about how this might affect sleep. Her home visit was great for both us and Billy to get to know her a bit, and I really appreciated speaking regularly so we could discuss any unexpected happenings or share successes from the night before! Jenna always rang exactly when she said she would which meant it was easy to fit in calls and also responded to e-mails really quickly. The first few days were definitely hard work for all of us as Billy got used to the changes, but Jenna was really supportive when we spoke and reassured us that this was very normal. We also tweaked things a bit along the way so that we weren’t just charging ahead with the initial plan if things weren’t quite right. We were so pleasantly surprised by how quickly things started to work, and with a plan in place for each part of the process, it was easy to follow in the middle of the night without wavering or second guessing yourself. Jenna suggested involving Billy in the process given his age and this was a brilliant idea as he looked forward to talking to her, and spoke about how happy she would be that he had followed his sleep rules! Definitely a great influence! We now have a 3 year old who falls asleep by himself with no complaint – rather than dreading bedtime I definitely enjoy this part of the day now. He sleeps all night in his own bed and stays there quietly until the sun on the Gro-clock comes up – amazing! We have our evenings back, are getting full nights of sleep and can relax knowing that as a general rule if Billy will rarely wake in the night and, if he does, is able to settle himself with minimal interaction from us.
Vicky, Ben and Billy (3 years old)
We contacted Jenna when our son was 13 months old, by this point I felt like we had explored every possible gentle method to encourage sleep and nothing had worked. I was feeding Freddie to sleep for each nap and bedtimes could take up to an hour of feeding and rocking, we were exhausted. I was so desperate for help but adamant that we would not try any form of cry it out and I’m delighted that with Jenna’s expertise and support Freddie slept through in 3 nights with barely any tears! I can’t thank Jenna enough for her help, our family is now finally getting the sleep we all need.
Matt, Kitty and Freddie (13 months old)
Our daughter was breastfed to sleep and woke a number of times in the night – the only way of getting her back to sleep would be breastfeeding her in the night and I was exhausted. On the fifth night our daughter slept through! Now that is something that I didn’t think I would ever say! Jenna provided a clear explanation of the changes we needed to make to address the sleep issues we were having and supported us in making them. She was always available and was very friendly – just like talking to another mum (but one with expertise in sleep!) My husband and I regularly tell people that using Little Dreams Consulting has been one of the best things we have ever done – we only wish we had spoken to Jenna sooner! Our children now go to bed at a sensible time and go to sleep by themselves on their own. They sleep through almost every night and wake up at a sensible time – obviously this means that my husband and I have more time in the evening together and have a decent night’s sleep too! The biggest benefit is how much happier our daughter is in general; she eats better, is less grumpy, seems to enjoy her naps and has really developed a huge amount since the sleep improved. It’s been a brilliant experience with so many benefits for our family and of course Elin.
Melissa, Tom and Elin (12 months)
We have just finished a two week consultancy with Little Dreams. Our little boy (6 months) has developed his self settling and sleep skills hugely. I’m incredibly proud of him but I know we could not have done it without Jenna’s help and support. He is so much happier having proper naps in the day (previously he would not nap at all) and sleep at night and we feel so much more confident going forward. I would thoroughly recommend getting in touch with Jenna.
Mum and Dad to little boy (6 months old)
Freddie was a good sleeper but just after his first birthday became a habitual night-waker, often waking for hours at a time in the middle of the night and still managing to get us up at 5am as well! We turned to Jenna after about 6 difficult months when we felt we simply couldn’t go on. We were immediately reassured with Jenna’s optimism and in-depth knowledge of the science of sleep. There is a really practical and sensible rationale behind Jenna’s approach which gave us the confidence to get started right away. It’s fair to say ours proved to be a challenging case but Jenna was never deterred and worked tirelessly, going above and beyond to find solutions that worked. We’d definitely not hesitate to recommend her services to other parents who are struggling, it is clear that she genuinely cares about making a difference and leaves no stone unturned.
Tim, Vienna and Freddie (18 months old)
Before working with Jenna our little boy woke multiple times in the night. Now the plan is working. We can sleep more! Seb is happier, following a routine, and we believe this has sped up his development.
Mum and dad to Seb (9 months old)
Jenna provided her specialist advice and techniques to get my 5 and 3 year old children to stay in bed and to sleep though the night in their own beds. I had tried many techniques, was exhausted and dreaded bedtime, particularly with my older child. Jenna was very clear with her plan to address the situation and encouraging throughout. Much to my relief and amazement she has transformed bed times and, for the first time in more than 3 years, I don’t dread bedtimes. We are a much happier family post her help. I would recommend Jenna.
Sinead, John, Niamh and Lois (5 and 3 years old)
Our 13 month old son, Jonah, had been a great sleeper until he was five months old, at which point it became terrible and never really recovered. By the time he turned one, we were really struggling with multiple night wakes, unpredictable naps and eating, and two exhausted parents! We got in touch with Jenna to help us with two things: helping Jonah learn to fall asleep on his own (he had always been fed to sleep) and stopping the multiple night wakes. After seven months of terrible sleeping, we were dubious, but willing to try anything (other than traditional ‘cry it out’ methods)! From the first interaction with Jenna, she was empathetic, professional, reassuring and entirely optimistic that she could help us, and we really warmed to her approach. After the initial telephone consultation and email communication, Jenna came to meet with us (and, as it turned out, our son who was fighting sleep yet again!) one evening, to go through her proposed plan of action. Two nights later, having spent the day implementing the new nap and eating routine, we nervously and apprehensively prepared ourselves for a rough night while we helped Jonah learn to settle himself. That rough night never came, and within a week our son was sleeping 12-13 hours a night, and if he did wake up, he’d simply settle himself straight back to sleep again. We simply couldn’t believe it. Four weeks later, we were hit with a growth spurt that coincided with being away in a couple of different places over Christmas, so our son’s routine was knocked off kilter for a week and his sleep regressed a little. However, with some brief and clear instruction from Jenna, within two days of being home, our son was easily back into his perfect day and night-time routines, sleeping for 13 hours. Jenna has completely and utterly changed our lives – we can both now focus more clearly at work and at home, as a couple we have more quality time together, and as a family we spend more time enjoying each others company rather than worrying about what the night will bring. As far as we’re concerned, Jenna is a miracle-worker, and we will be eternally grateful for what she has helped us achieve.
Andrew, Laura and Jonah (13 months old)
We thought we were beyond help! Our 10 year old daughter had developed sleep problems around the age of 5 then later developed anxiety which affected her bedtime even more. A month ago, our daughter was going to sleep around 10.30 or 11pm every night (after a long battle). We’d tried everything and were all exhausted, emotional wrecks, it was taking over our lives. We started working with Jenna a few weeks ago, in January 2018, and my daughter has made huge progress. Both children are now asleep by 8.45/9pm and our family life is so much happier. I can’t recommend Jenna more highly, I just wish we’d done something sooner!
Paula, Jude and daughter (10 years old)
Due to serve acid reflux since birth, we inadvertently created a sleeping culture that relied heavily on our baby only being able to fall sleep whilst in our arms. This was compounded by the fact she would wake up every 45 mins throughout the night, which made it impossible to function as a family unit over, especially over the last 3 months. In desperation, after what felt like being awake for 11 months, we reached a point where we could not continue as we were, so we contacted Jenna but did so reluctantly, as we had heard horror stories about controlled crying and assumed the worse. These fears were quelled during our initially 15 min consultation, as were immediately impressed with Jenna’s knowledge around sleep, her warmth but more importantly, her concern for our daughters wellbeing. After we completed the questionnaire, which enabled Jenna to create a bespoke training programme that suited our parenting style, she presented the plan in a clear concise manner and further alleviated any concerns we had. We implemented the plan as instructed and the regular catch ups enabled us to revisit and flex according to our baby’s needs. Jenna ensured we remained consistent and we quickly noticed improvements; day one she fell asleep by herself and within a week, she slept through the night for the first time. We now enjoy a good and regular sleep pattern. I can’t stress enough how significant this is, as we managed to change a pattern that was formed over a long period of time within a week and we now enjoy our evenings and sleep again! If you are struggling parent(s) who has come this far to read this, I would urge you to take the next step as I can honestly say Jenna’s help saved us!.
Mum and Dad to little girl (11 months old)
Jenna was very supportive and helpful as we tried to get our 18 month old, Frida, into a better sleeping pattern. Frida went from needing to be picked up and rocked back to sleep at least once or twice through the night to sleeping straight through 12 hours or, if she woke up, was able to self sooth back to sleep. Jenna was readily available to talk and responded quickly to emails so we always felt we had support through the process. She was even able to work with us remotely and we still got very positive results. We would, and already have, certainly recommend her to any parents hoping to find better sleep for their little ones and themselves.
Marianne and Frida (18 months old)
I called Jenna as bedtimes with our 5 year old had become unbearable and stressful with arguments, crying, and my son finally going to sleep at 10pm. Not only that but he was sleeping in the top bunk bed and I was sleeping in the bottom because he wouldn’t sleep on his own and halfway through the night he would come down and get in with me. We were both exhausted. Jenna came to our house and worked with us, together with our son, and within a week he was sleeping on his own for 10 hours, through the night, and staying in bed until it was time to get up. We are all so much calmer, his behaviour in general is so much better, as he is not exhausted, and we no longer have the bedtime stress.
Mum and dad to Sonny (5 years old)
No one in our house had slept for more than 3hrs at a time for well over a month… night times were a desperate game of musical beds with our 6-month old boy all too often only falling asleep at the breast. We contacted Jenna at Little Dreams Consulting as we wanted a gentle approach to help our little boy to sleep – the Sleep Sense program felt like the right approach for us. Taking the time to get to know our lifestyle and our baby’s natural habits, Jenna helped us to help our boy achieve a full 12hrs sleep within just 5 nights. We wholeheartedly recommend Little Dreams Consulting to anyone whose baby has sleep struggles; it’s incredible how much can be achieved in such a short time, everyone in your household will feel the benefit.
Sarah, James and Alexander (6 months old)
Our daughter (who has severe allergies) would not fall asleep, or sleep, in her own bed and had to have some sort of physical contact with her mum in order to fall asleep. This had been going on for a number of months before we contacted Jenna. Bella now falls asleep, independently, in her own bed and sleeps there all night. We are working together as a family, with her bedtime routine, ensuring she does not get over tired. It has meant more freedom on an evening so we can get our young son into a bedtime routine too. Although it can be hard implementing these plans, as life doesn’t stop and children get sick, I am very happy with the improvements and can see light at the end of the tunnel.
Mum and Dad to Bella (age 4)


We are delighted to have met you and gone through the Sleep Sense process. Things are going well and we really could not have taken that step forward without your help.
Laura, Kris and Eddie (3 years old)
Before working with Jenna at Little Dreams Consulting, Arthur would not sleep for very long periods of time and could not settle himself for naps. We now have the tools and confidence to allow Arthur to settle himself and we are all less stressed as a result.
Adam, Ellie and Arthur (7 months old)
Jenna’s excellent advice and support has helped us finally achieve a good night sleep! I wish that I had come to her for advice and assistance earlier and couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
Fiona and Rory (1 year old)

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